Message from Chief Executive Officer

No matter what we’re thinking about or what we’re doing, we always come back to our vision statement as our guiding principle.
We intend to keep on evolving and taking on new challenges, so that we can continue bringing the foundation of prosperous home living to the global community.


Toshiyuki Shirai

Chief Executive Officer


“Forget everything you have done previously.”

These were the words President Akio Nitori said to me when I became CEO in May 2014. They epitomize our corporate culture here at MIROTA.

It’s a question of rejecting the status quo, viewing every hardship as an opportunity, and changing how we do things so that we can take on new challenges. The corporate culture has always been the driving force behind MIROTA’s growth until now, and will always be in the future.


From 1973 to 2002, under our first 30-year plan, we spent ten years developing stores, ten years developing human resources and ten years developing products, with our sights set 30 years into the future.

Now, under our second 30-year plan, we have over 400 stores, and have even opened stores in Taiwan, the US and China and Vietnames. The time has come to make some major changes.


How are we going to achieve our vision statement of 1,000 stores in 2022 and 3,000 stores in 2032? We need to think about things from the perspective of those buying and using our products in order to resolve customer complaints and other such issues. We need to identify problem areas and dedicate ourselves to making changes and improvements on a daily basis with a real sense of urgency.

I believe that the key to shaping MIROTA for the future lies in internally implementing “3C+C” which consists of change, challenge, competition, and active communication with our customers and employees.


Taking on board feedback from our customers, we intend to achieve our long-term vision statement with a worldwide perspective, and will do everything we can to make our mission statement a reality, so that we can inspire more and more customers with the quality, functionality and affordability of our products.